Taking A Look At True Brilliance

A person’s eyes are so attractive for certain, but a beautiful smile ranks right there with them. Maintaining those shiny white teeth however, can be a challenge. The great news today is that to help those concerned, brilliant teeth whitening systems like True Brilliance are readily available!

This great product is going to get the job done whitening your teeth, instantly and permanently! Take a look at just how it works when you read our True Brilliance review below!

Just How True Brilliance Works

There are three main ingredients contained in True Brilliance designed to help clean and brighten your teeth. In just a few weeks, those yellowish teeth you have been living with will be transformed into a beautiful white smile. Take a look at those three ingredients now:

Peppermint Oil: For the mouth and gum, contained in the peppermint oil are antibacterial and antiseptic properties that have been proven consistently to be so beneficial.

Kosher Glycerin: Kosher Glycerin acts as a stabilizing agent for the other ingredients contained within True Brilliance.

Carbomer: This ingredient that whitens and shines your teeth is the main active ingredient contained in True Brilliance.

Shine Your Teeth No Matter How Yellow They Are

It matters not what staining agents it is battling, be it from tea, fruits, coffee, alcohol, soda or anything else, True Brilliance is going to get the job done right. Carbomer will take care of those things you are consuming on an everyday basis.

Simply follow these three simple steps when you claim your True Brilliance kit:

Step 1) Brush and dry your teeth for at least two minutes. Then rotate the bottom of the click pen to dispense gel from the opposite end.

Step 2) Apply the gel directly onto your teeth. Then, do not let your lips touch your teeth for at least 30 to 60 seconds.

Step 3) After 15 minutes has passed, rinse your mouth out. For the next hour or so, avoid eating and drinking so you do not wash away the whitening agent.

This is all you have to do to get that bright, white smile you are seeking! It doesn’t take long to discover why thousands and thousands of people are using this incredible product today!

Just Where To Order True Brilliance

You can order True Brilliance directly from the official website. And for both whitening pen & tray, they are currently offering trial samples, for a limited time. Residents of the US/CA can get their trial sample by simply paying a nominal handling & shipping fee.

Get the True Brilliance whitening pen today and you will enjoying your whiter, brighter smile in just a few days!

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