What We Think of Alphadrox Preworkout

Alphadrox is a new product we’ve seen advertised all over the internet. According to ads it’s the latest Hollywood secret to finally be exposed. Crazy advertising aside, we were curious to see if this product had any action merit behind it, so we took advantage of the trial offer and here are our thoughts after two weeks:

Thought #1: – The energy boost is real

The absolute first thing I thought of when taking this product was “woah.” Within minutes of taking Alphadrox I could feel a surge of energy only similar to that of “Jack3d” before it was banned because a few guys took too much.

Seriously, the energy from this is great. You’ll feel great, ready to go, almost too much. (Not quite though).

Thought #2 – I was hoping it would help my endurance

The claim that this product could really help my endurance was something I was incredibly interested in, although it turned out to only slightly help my endurance. Perhaps I was foolish to think something could live up to Jack3d, but hey a guy can hope.

I wouldn’t say it did anything drastic for my endurance, and in reality it may have helped a little, but I was still a little bummed. Nothing major though, it happens.

Thought #3 – It did help my overall performance

You often hear things like “boosts overall performance” and if you’re like me, you probably think, WTF does that mean. Well, in the case of Alphadrox, I felt noticeably better when working out. I could focus and I felt like I had actually worked out after I left.

It’s kind of tough to say exactly what this means, but my strength did go up after a few weeks of taking this – which is probably in part due to my workouts being better. If I could quantify what exactly I mean, I would, but you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

Overall I’d say my experience is 90% positive and if you’d like more info about this product, feel free to read my full review of Alphadrox.

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